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Get crafty this spring for fewer with these dollar store easter crafts. From DIY Easter decorations to easy easter crafts for teenagers, there are many fun and artistic craft ideas to settle on from that won’t break the bank.

1. Easter Egg Mason Jars

It seems like forever since I’ve created a Mason jar craft here for you all. And yet, each and each day I’m working with mason jars to satisfy Etsy shop orders. At any point in time, there are upwards of40-50 jars in various stages of paint and drying and distressing and sealing and packing and shipping….To complete the reading click (here)


2. Tin Can Bunny Planters

My crocuses are in bloom, in order, that means spring is here. It doesn’t matter that it just snowed on Monday – once the crocus blooms, its game time. I can already see my daylilies bursting up from the bottom and my daffodils are just preparing to unfurl their cheery little heads….To complete the reading click (here)

3. Bunny Pom Pom Garland

I haven’t played with my pom pom maker in ages! I wanted to make something simple and sweet for Easter. This Bunny Pom Pom Garland just screams “Hoppy Easter!”…To complete the reading click (here)

4. Dollar Store Robin’s Eggs

This is a fun and straightforward project for Spring which will easily be accomplished by or with sons and daughters. I originally shared this post with Dollar Store Crafts an extended time ago, but the thought is nearly as good now because it was then… if I do say so myself. All you would like are some craft paints and little eggs from the dollar store, and you’ll create dozens of realistic faux robin’s eggs!…To complete the reading click (here)

5. Spring Bunny Gumball Machine

Last Christmas I saw many photos of small toy trucks and mini Christmas trees in old gumball machines. They were absolutely adorable and it had been a thought that I loved! I even have been looking for the right gumball machine since then, but haven’t stumbled upon the proper one just yet. But that’s okay because for my Easter decor I made my very own spring bunny gumball machine, which was so fun to form and provides an identical look!…To complete the reading click (here)

6. DIY Easter Egg Topiary

Good morning! I do know Spring has been taking its sweet little time showing it’s facing in Chicagoland, but I’m hopeful as we flip the calendar over to April, we can’t be stuck in winter THAT for much longer, right?!…To complete the reading click (here)

7. Ombre Spring Vase

Happy April! Is it just me or does this spring seem to be flying by before our eyes? Maybe it’s just this getting older thing that creates time seem to hurry up. In any case, I hope you all had an exquisite Easter!…To complete the reading click (here)

8. Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art

Add touch greenery to your home this Spring with a simple dollar store craft! Make this moss-covered bunny canvas art in no time with just a couple of supplies….To complete the reading click (here)

9. Decoupage Spring Terra Cotta Pots

I am adding bright spring colors to my home decor, hoping which will bring Spring here sooner. I’m so able to put away my winter clothes, and that I am SO able to wear my light blazers and flats….To complete the reading click (here)

10. DIY Easter Gnome Bunny

Do you ever get a thought in your head that will not allow you to sleep until it’s made? like all of my DIY felt gnomes, that was the case with this adorable Easter gnome, friends. I made sketch after sketch to urge the plan good and here he’s. A Scandinavian gnome dressed up for Easter!…To complete the reading click (here)

11. Easy Paper Bunny Craft

Hop, hop it’s time to form a super-duper easy paper bunny craft. This one may be a great Easter craft, although you’ll do a rabbit craft any time of the year….To complete the reading click (here)

12. Lolly Pop Bunnies

I want to be that mom. you recognize the one. She’s the one who sends really fancy treats to high school for her kids’ birthdays and manages to always put together fancy gift bags for everybody within the class for each holiday. Then my kids click and say, “Next time, can we bake fancy cookies and decorate them like this for everybody within the class?”. and that I grit my teeth and mumble some quite excuse, “Oh, I don’t know honey, those look really hard to make!”…To complete the reading click (here)

13. Pinecone Bunnies

A darling bunny family lives under our house. My boys enjoy watching them hop about within the yard, nibbling on greens and birdseed. My youngest has named them (but can he really tell which is which?). In honor of spring, Easter, and our all-season furry tenants, my kids and that I crafted Pine Cone Bunnies. Of course, we’re partial, but we expect they’re too cute!…To complete the reading click (here)

14. Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny

Can you believe that Easter is simply round the corner? It sneaks abreast of me every single year! Where I live, it’s still usually pretty chilly outside on Easter. Sometimes it’s difficult to return up with Spring activities when it still seems like winter outside! This popsicle stick Easter bunny craft is that the perfect thanks to celebrating Spring coming with a fun activity to try to to indoors….To complete the reading click (here)

15. Pom Pom Yarn Chicks

Happy Spring! I’m so excited that spring is finally here… we’re still getting some colder temps here in St. Louis, but I do know the hotter temps are on their way. Woo-Hoo! With spring, comes Easter and there’s something incredibly sweet that day to me. I really like the colors, bunnies, chicks, and candy. It’s such a fun day, which is why I assumed I might share a festive kids craft with you: pom pom Easter chicks….To complete the reading click (here)

16. Paper Plate Easter Chick

This week we got alongside a few cousins to form a fun little Easter craft. We made these cute {and super simple} baby chicks and that I thought I’d show you ways we made them….To complete the reading click (here)

17. Easter Chick Fork Painting

I wanted to urge creative today so while I used to be making dinner, I saw a fork and thought it could make a chick! ….and it WORKED! It makes an adorable fluffy chick that youngsters can make all by their selves. It’s the right farm or Easter craft to do!…To complete the reading click (here)

18. Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks

Make some adorable miniature popsicle stick chicks together with your kids! It’s a simple craft to try to to and it’s fun for Easter time!…To complete the reading click (here)

19. Potato Stamp Easter Eggs

Did you enjoy stamping with potatoes once you were a child? We are sharing the way to make handmade potato Easter egg stamps for teenagers so you’ll share this fun activity together with your kids!…To complete the reading click (here)


20. Easy Yarn Easter Craft

It’s time to start out brooding about spring crafts and today we are sharing an excellent cute and really easy Easter craft activity for teenagers. This fun Easter yarn craft art is ideal for preschoolers or any age! Just a couple of items are needed to make this Easy Easter Craft for teenagers. What might be better than little chicks, bunnies, carrots, and Easter eggs this point of the year? celebrate crafting!…To complete the reading click (here)

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