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Some of the time I stop and wonder why I was honored to have been born in this nation. There are such a large number of chances and access to such a great many here. It’s on those occasions that I recall that with those Blessings comes obligation.

One of the approaches to do right, for us, is to lessen squander and be a decent steward of what we’ve been given. Obviously, we aren’t great, however, it’s our objective, and we gain from such huge numbers of others… … .

Like in the Facebook Group, Upcycle Sharin, that we help administrators, a few individuals included their upcycled RED, WHITE, and BLUE activities. So snatch your pieces and make a few beautifications for your fourth of July festivities.


(Click on the names written in green)


Star Embroidery on a Vintage Colander as a Patriotic Centerpiece from sadie seasongoods

Patriotic Wreath with Cheap Neckties from the Thrift Store from sadie seasongoods

Reusable Bowl Covers with a Vintage Bandana from sadie seasongoods

Get Out the Vote – Upcycling Campaign Buttons and Vintage Ribbons into a Patriotic Wreath from sadie seasongoods

Fake Firecrackers from Cardboard Tubes for Independence Day Decorations from sadie seasongoods

Trash to Treasure – American Flag Wall Art from a Broken Table with Cane Webbing from sadie seasongoods

Patriotic Vases Out of Two Thrifty Finds from mixed kreations

Diy Patriotic Sign Made Out of a Fan Blade from mixed kreations

Paint a Patriotic American Flag Fresser from all things new again

Easy American Flag Craft from house of hawthornes


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I love finding astounding and sharp reused ventures that you can use around your home. …

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