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economize cash with these DIY pet thoughts and schemes! From DIY dog beds to DIY feline toys, there are a lot of DIY pet plans to browse. These Economical of money pet undertakings contain pet bowls, furniture, toys, and substantially more.

(Click on the names written in green)

Cat Furniture & Scratcher DIY Pet Ideas

Modern Cat Scratcher from homedit
DIY Cat Tree with Hammock from Ikea hackers
DIY Cat Window Perch from DIY showoff
Pet Station from goods home design
DIY Cat Tent from Instructables
Self Scratcher from Cat Lessons
DIY Cat Scratcher Pad from design sponge
DIY Cat Self Petting Station from Instructables
Cat Hotel from handmade pretties
Cat Cardboard House from moments to live for

DIY Pet Beds

Upcycled Sweater Pet Bed from Elizabeths kitchen diary
No Sew DIY Dog Bed from Luigi and me
DIY Wooden Crate Bed from the inspired hive
Dog Cot from Instructables
DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed from handimania
Upcycled End Table Pet Bed from all created
Drawer Dog Beds from Liz Marie Blog
DIY Pet Hammock from inspirational momma
DIY Metal Tub Dog Bed from Mr kate

 Water and Food Bowl DIY Pet Ideas

Modern Pet Bowl Stand from almost makes perfect
Chalkboard Dog Bowl from ammo the dachshund
DIY Pet Bowl Stand from centsational style
Upcycled Ombre Dog Feeder from pretty fluffy

 Toy, Leash & Collar DIY Pet Ideas


DIY Catnip Fish Toy from cat lessons
Yarn Ball Catnip Toys from trend hunter
Feather Cat Toy from martha stewart
Sock Fish Cat Toy DIY from kittyclysm
Menswear Mouse Toy from Martha Stewart
DIY Toy Wand for Cats from design sponge
DIY Cat Pom-Pom Toy from popsugar
Party Shaker Toy from the penny hoarder


Paracord Dog Collar from DIY projects
Ball Dog Toy from hands occupied
DIY Tug Toy from she knows
DIY Squeaky Doggie Bone from laura griffin
DIY Denim Dog Toy from Instructables
DIY Woven Rope Bone Dog Toy from instructables
DIY Fabric Dog Collar from DIY projects
Ring Rope Dog Toy from Instructables

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