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Make your front entryway look merry for spring with these bright and inventive DIY Easter wreaths. There are Easter rabbit wreaths, flower wreaths, Easter egg wreaths, Easter sweets wreaths and substantially more to browse.


Floral DIY Easter Wreaths

Coral & Peach Tulip Wreath from the how to mom (Click here)

Spring Carrot Wreath from home talk (Click here)

5-Minute Umbrella Wreath from one good thing by jillee (Click here)

Spring Tulip Wreath from sugar bee crafts (Click here)

Rain Boot Wreath from home made modern blog (Click here)

Bunny Easter Wreaths

Easter Bunny Wreath from consumer crafts (Click here)

Spring Pom Pom Wreath from lil luna (Click here)

Bunny Wreath from Hoosier Homemade (Click here)

Felt Bunny Door Hanger from good housekeeping (Click here)

Bunny Wreath II from good housekeeping (Click here)

Easter Egg Wreaths

Rustic Egg Wreath from meatloaf and melodrama (Click here)

Easter Egg Wreath from a pumpkin and a princess (Click here)

String Easter Egg Wreath from wine and glue (Click here)

Spring Grass Easter Wreath from the csi project (Click here)

Easy Bunny Burlap Wreath from kenarry (Click here)


Other DIY Easter Wreaths

Peep Wreath from tried and true blog (Click here)

Another Peeps Wreath from lisafrost (Click here)

Easy Dollar Tree Wreath from 100 things 2 do (Click here)

Easter Chick Wreath from adventures and play (Click here)

Easter Bunny in the Grass Wreath from the happy housie (Click here)

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